GH Agatha Talleux

She put you in a snowglobe.


Agatha tends to keep her long silver hair tucked under a comfortable floppy hat, of which she has many. Gilad stole a few that Agatha had abandoned in her forest cottage. But is it stealing if she left them behind?


When the party met Agatha, she seemed a kind enough wizard. She had placed an ad on various adventurer-themed job boards in the larger cities, looking for a group to retrieve a chalice for her from a delapidated tomb.

Though successful, the party never received their payment. Upon bringing the chalice back to her, it appears Agatha cursed them, casting them into a snowglobe and temporarily wiping their memories.

Safe to say the adventurers are not fans of Agatha, at the moment.

GH Agatha Talleux

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