GH Beatriz Coldire

"I didn't know you were in there!"


When the party met Beatriz they might not have seen her in the best light; flustered, babbling, and alarmed at the sudden and magical appearance of 5 random people, 2 bears, and a mule.

Beatriz is a dwarven woman of average height, with a sturdy build and lovely braided side burns. She walks with a slight limp, but that did not stop her from quickly attending to the adventurers’ request for water after their incarceration in a cursed snowglobe.


Beatriz owns “Last Minute Thoughts,” a gift shop for procrastinators who didn’t think to get a present until the very last minute and now need something cute and inoffensive to give their cousin for their housewarming party, or their little-known coworker for their retirement shindig.

She swore up and down that she did not know anyone was trapped in that snowglobe that she bought off the guard Bernard, and she seemed properly shell shocked by the discovery. She obviously hates to see money wasted, as she did appear distraught by the loss of the trinket, but she did not ask anything of the adventurers for having broken it. This means she meets at least the bare minimum of decency.

Beatriz has at least one child, a small boy with a penchant for shaking snowglobes and a distaste for cleaning up vomit.

GH Beatriz Coldire

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