GH Jasper



Jasper is a wrinkly gnomish man who prefers to sit on his stool at his counter, rather than get up and show patrons merchandise.

He wears sensible, comfortable robes. His eyebrows must be heavy, as they sit so low on his face. In both ears he has beautiful, dangling earrings. And honestly, you get the feeling his store is only still open because no one wants to deal with telling him he needs to shut it down.


His store is filled to the brim with tonics and toxins, but asking him to get up to show you any is asking just simply too much. True to Iliandra’s word, Jasper is much easier to deal with once you have showered him with flattery. Jasper sold Gilad health potions for a fraction of the cost, charging her just about what he charged Amerri for some empty vials.

GH Jasper

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