Ladies with Polyhedral Dice

Dragon of Icespire Peak (pt 1)

"Eat the curse, eat the curse!"

The party assembled in the city of Phandalin, home to stonecutters and children. Probably other people too. Whatevs. This rag tag team consisted of: 

  • Vallana, a moon elf wizard with, okay, a certain level of vanity. 
  • Dimrahk, a dwarven cleric who, while above and beyond one of the most intuitive adventurers, was not the best at social situations.
  • Kaya, a tiefling druid with questionable survival instincts but an awesome 6 foot long tail.
  • Nova, a gnomish bard, complete with pet weasel, who will one day tell the most epic tale. The bard, that is, not the weasel. 
  • Ritzke, a dragonborn fighter of towering height and less towering intellect.

Here to adventure, our adventurers sought out the job posting board! All of the posts were written in the same hand, and mentioned visiting townmaster Harbin Wester for the reward. Ritzke deemed the postings too far on the bland side, and gently smudged some glitter on each sign. After some debate, the party decided to take on the job to deliver a warning to the Dwarven prospecters down by the ruins in the southwest, figuring there were likely many of them and judging that to have the highest potential loss of life. (Don't worry, this is about the only truly Good aligned decision the party as a whole will make.) 

Dimrahk, man of action, awkwardly removed the sign and posted it to his chest. His fellow companions declined comment, and they went off to the Townmaster's Hall to speak with Harbin about the job. They tried the door, which was locked. When Dimrahk knocked on the door, a man's voice from within told them that if they were a dragon, to go away, and that he had NO interest inbeing eaten today. Ritzke, dragon-descended, hid behind Nova so as not to offend. Nova glared ferociously at the door, but it didn't attack. Dimrahk explained they were taking the job? For the Dwarves? To deliver a message? The townmaster slid a note under the doorway, and said he would pay them upon their return. Still, not getting eaten by a dragon. 


No questions asked, the party left to go find the archaeological dig! Then realized they had no idea where it was. Nova was quite keen on getting drunk before leaving, and bars are always a good place to get information, so they headed thattaway! 

The proprietor greeted them, and they asked him if he might have a map of the area as they were looking for the archaeological dig site. He said it was free! With the purchase of a drink. Luckily, both Nova and Dimrahk were already planning on partaking, and they purchased some drinks. To go with the alcohol, they figured they should also get some food for the journey. The barkeep mentioned sandwiches, always a good choice! They were highly questionable looking. Somehow both greasy and dry. Ritzke asked if water was free, and "purchased" the free water. Vallana, a lady of class, inspected the taps for cleanliness before also getting some water. While the sandwiches were dirty, the taps were not, and they all got nicely hydrated. They decided not to eat the sandwiches here, rather saving them for later. 

They were not the only group in the tavern. A party of three were seated at a table, discussing the Neverwinter Woods and the activity that had been happening there. The adventurers put that thought away for later, and went out to provision themselves for their upcoming trek!

At Barthen's Provisions, they promptly met Barthen! He was very helpful, since they were his only customers, and set them up with some cloaks (fuzzy lined one for Nova, glitzy one for Vallana, Big And Tall stripey cloak for Ritzke that was approved by Vallana, and I don't recall what Kaya and Dimrahk went for, if any.) Dimrahk went about everything very sensibly and purchased a Sensible Tarp, and other Sensible things. Everyone bought soap. Vallana was disappointed in the lack of perfume options and at the price of the bejeweled tent. Ritzke accused the man of selling fake gems on his bejeweled tent, but this went largely (probably luckily) ignored. Vallana and Ritzke decided they could just get a regular tent and put their OWN gems on it. Grappling hook, crowbar, climbing kits all around, a tiny harmoica (eee!) for Nova, you know, the essentials! 

After probably making Barthen's sales quota for the week, we struck out toward the mountains to the southwest! Along the way, Dimrahk started up a drum beat on his gong, and Nova took it away into a proper marching song. They followed the old mining road out of town, and Nova was incredibly amazed at how boring the scenery was. No scurrying animals, no pretty flowers, not even any interesting rocks. All there seemed to be was scraggly shrub. They all discussed the shrub, and Kaya pointed out that techically it wasn't poisonous and was probably good for chewing. Ritzke immediately put some in her mouth. Ew.




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